Tutorial 02: Selection tools

This tutorial will give an overview of the selection tools in Corel Paint Shop ProX2, GIMP and Photoshop CS2

Upon completion of the tutorial you should be able to find and apply the most often used selection tools.

Selection tools explained

The names of the selection tools vary in each of the software programmes. Letís have a look at differently named tools that basically do the same job. (See Tut 02 Image 01)

The selection tools that are most often used are:

Tools to select specific shapes:

Most often rectangular shapes but other types of shapes are also possible i.e. polygon or rounded rectangle etc.

Rectangular selection tool (PSP); or Marquee tools (PS) or Rectangle select tool (GIMP)

The rectangular select tool is  used to cut cut parts of the image or select part of the image to fill with a specific colour, texture or pattern,  etc.

Freehand selection (PSP); Lasso tools (PS) or Free select tool (GIMP)

The lasso or freehand tools are used to select irregular shapes for the same purposes as mentioned above.

Selection tools help

 Tut 02 Image 02 shows where you can obtain help on the selection tools and their settings in the three different programmes. Useful information can be obtained on any aspect of the software programmes when you just click on help or F1. We too often neglect to make use of these valuable sources of information. The terminology is also most often explained well and the sooner you become familiar with the general lingo the easier your editing tasks will become.

Check out the guidelines in TUT 02 Image 02 and get to know the programme that you use better.