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Family photos
Preschool and baby photos;
  Adele en Gert Beetge 

De la Harpe Documents; generations 1-6; generations 7-11; Generations 12-16; Family history; Photo albums  ; Grandpa Johnny's photos; Uncle Charlie & family; Uncle Hansie's family; Auntie_Dinah's_family

CWH de la Harpe F18)

The farm where I grew up... Documents; photos and memories
Versies uit Alice Cronjé se klein notaboekie   
Agapanthus, Ardisia, Hippeastrum, Cyclamen, Carnation, Camellia, Cosmos, Dietes grandiflora, Shasta daisy, Dahlia, Gousblom, Golden shower, Hawthorn, Celosia cristata- (Hanekam) Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Day lily, March lily, Tiger lily, Impala lily, Water lily, Geel aronskelk (Karoo lelie) - Zantedeschia, malva - geranium, malvaviscus, violas - gesiggies,  poinsettia portulaca, proteas, roses
Sweet thorn - Soetdoring;   Natal Bottlebrush; African Flame; Coral tree; Frangipani; Floss silk tree; Flamboyant; Jacaranda; Kokerboom; Pride of India; Palm tree; Tibouchina
Quaggaskop; Knersvlakte; krapogies; soutslaai; Vinger en duimpie (Finger and thumb); bababoudjies; albastertjie/sobbelsteentjies; spiral aloe/kroonalwyn; other succulents; Impala lily;
Beetle daisies; Gousblom; Gazania; Witsôe; gansogies/knoppiesopslag/gansgras; Lachenalia; Sparaxis; vygies; Pride of Niewuoudtville 

Our wonderful fauna
   A wider/larger perspective
Anything goes - Digital editing and my art playground
  Tutorial 01:  Photo editing software - a comparison

Tutorial 02: Selection tools

Tutorial 03: Understanding layers

Tutorial 1: Create an OOB

Tutorial 2: Creating borders and frames