Parents and Siblings

Pre-school and Baby pics

Mom and I approximately 1944-45 Parents and I - 1944

Wia and parents

One of my earliest childhood photos with mother on the stoep wall at my grandfather's house. At this stage we were living with my grandparents since my father was in the army

Wia & Dad - Mon Desir 1945

Dad and I on our farm -

One of my most treasured photos...

Wia & dad 1945 Wia Philip & dad

Dad and I at grandpa's house with me on that stoep wall again

Grandpa used to write names and dates on most of the backs of his snapshots and today that provides valuable and interesting information

 Wia 2 years old -first studio portrait Wia 2 years old -first studio portrait

Me at age 2 - my first studio portrait

A studio family portrait from 1948

and my brother Philip and I 

He was about two years old and I was 4 years old


My brother Philip and I 1948


My sister Hester and I on grandmother's birthday 24 August 1949


Me and my siblings 1953


My brother and I on our farm Mon Desir approximately 1951

Philip and I on our way to Sunday School