Kalie and IMeet  Kalie and I

Before you continue to the photos I would like to introduce my partner and myself.

We live in Pretoria, South Africa in a retirement security village. We are both retired and enjoy spending time on our hobbies - mine obviously being photography and his his beloved Boeremusiek.

Our main interests and love lies with the wonderful wild life of South Africa and our neighbouring countries. We often visit the Kruger National Park. However - we have been all over South Africa and just love nature and the beauty around us.

Kalie is ever so patient to take me on photo shoots or wherever I want to go to take pics. He is also most patient when we are out in the wild to stop whenever I feel the urge to use my camera.  We both love travelling and do so as often as we can.

When we are not travelling we work on photos and Boeremusiek to sell CD's and rub shoulders with other enthusiasts.  I also work on a South African concertina register of which you can read more in Kalie's web page.

My photo's are all copyrighted and I expect you to respect this. My copyright signature is Cronier Cretions and you will see it on most of the photos that I display on the Internet