Wild Flowers


Since I love the wild flowers of Namakwaland so much I decided to dedicate a special page(s) in the web site to them. I may however also add some wild flowers from other areas. It will be good to look at the page on succulents as well because I also have photos of the succulent flowers that can of course also be listed under wild flowers. I just make the distinction to list flowers that grow wild in nature separate from those that we normally see in the gardens around us. Of course some people also have "wild flowers" in their gardens. This means that I by no means try to make my own "classification" but this is merely to list my photos separately according to my own taste and preferences and hopefully to make it easier for viewers to see and find what they are looking for.

Please note that I am not a botanist and I may have some names incorrect - Corrections and more information about these plants will be highly appreciated.

Flowers of Namakwaland

Namakwaland in the springtime

A flower carpet near Vanrhynsdorp in the springtime with the Maskam mountain on the horizon.

Beetle daisies Beetle daisies

Beetle daisies -

The markings on the petals resemble the insects that come to pollinate these flowers.

Gousblom -Asteraceae Gousblom -Asteraceae

Asteraceae family - common name - Gousblom

Gazania -

They come in a variety of colours and are also often seen in gardens where they bloom profusely almost all throughout summer.

Wits˘e -Asteraceae Wits˘e -Asteraceae


Arctotus scullyi (Formerly known as Arctotis merxmuelleri) is also from the Asteraceae family

"gansogies", "knoppiesopslag"  and , "gansgras

I am not sure that I identified the subspecies correctly here but these little flowers resembling drumsticks cover the hills in the flower season

Common names include "gansogies", "knoppiesopslag"  and , "gansgras"

Lachenalia - Viooltjies Lachenalia - Viooltjies Lachenalia - Viooltjies Lachenalia - Viooltjies

Lachenalias are bulbous plants and  well seen in the Nieuwoudtville area.

Nieuwoudville is proudly referred to as  the "Bulb capital of the world" but Lachenalias are also found in other regions of Namakwaland and the Western Cape and some are endemic to specific areas


Sparaxis is also known as the Harlequin flower

A bulb flower that comes in various colours and now grace many suburban gardens

Vygies Vygies

Vygies are possibly the best known of the Namakwaland flowers

The little flowers also resemble many of the succulent flowers and  I may have them also amongst the succulent plants.


Pride of Niewuoudtville Pride of Niewuoudtville

The Pride of Nieuwoudtville!

Here you can see this beautiful little flower and the area where they grow amongst the Gansogies