De la Harpe  Ancestry


The De la Harpe family has been researched extensively. I have a copy of a family tree that dates back to the 13th Century listing de la Harpe's over 17 generations. I also have two booklets obtained from my late mother that lists more information on most of the De la Harpe generations with additional "Stories" and information about their whereabouts and occupations obtained from old wills and other documents. As far as possibly I tried to assure the correctness of this information but there may be unintended discrepancies and any information and corrections will be highly appreciated. For most part the information about the first 15 generations is a direct transcript of the booklets in my possession. I hope it will be o of interest to family members who do not have access to similar documents.

History of the surname de la Harpe

One mile from the little town of Tertagnon in Switzerland was the valley of a small river called ALPA. The first settlers in the valley of the Alpa gave themselves the surname of ALPA. Afterwards some of these settlers went and settled elsewhere as the little valley became too crowded. To show that they belonged to the same family, they called themselves l'Alpa meaning "FROM THE ALPA". Afterwards when French became more modernised the l' disappeared and it was changed to de la Alpa, still meaning "FROM THE ALPA".

In the French pronunciation a L is sounded as an R with the result that later generations actually changed Alpa to ARPA, the surname now being DE LA ARPA.

As time wet by the later generations, not knowing what ARPA signified, changed it to HARPE as they thought that ARPA had something to do  with a harp, and that is how the surname de la Harpe actually originated.

Other branches of the same family have different variations of the same name, for instance we find the following:


As a token of heraldry a family crest was later designed and registered in which the harp figured prominently. All the branches of the family have adapted this one and only family crest.

The de la Harpe family crest

De la Harpe Documents

Our family is fortunate to have an extensive document of the De la harpe Family tree dating back to the first De la Harpe who was born in 1387. I also obtained booklets and hand written documents from my late mother that provide information on the De la Harpe family. All these documents were used to compile the family information  for this web site.

The family tree with information on 16 De la Harpe generations

Booklets with information about our De la Harpe ancestors

Ancestors and family history

First Generation


The town of Thonon (upper Savoy, France) on the 13th of April 1387 conferred on him the title of “freeman”. The deed was lost between 1744 and 1948, and has not been found; we not even posess a copy thereof. All the same, a note of about the year 1615, filed among the archives of the Vandois canton’s, give us the following information: “Pierre is herbey qualified to become the chamberlain if Lady of Savoy, which gives to him, in truth the tit,le of Esquire (Scuixfer or Shieldbearer.)

Foturnately two other deeds, in reference to Pierre have remained to us. The first is as “Cessionde censes” (transfer of forms) which he held from Guillaume de Rovéréar, and is dated the 22nd January 1390. This document reads “Petrus de Alpa, Hostinus Dominae mostrae Sabandial comitissae” – Pierre de l’ Alpa chamberlain of our sovereign Lady, the countess of Savoy.” But according to the habit of those days, this transfer had to be “landée”, that is to say, the purchaser had to pay a right of change (Probably transfer duty) and a receipt was attached to the original or principal deed. The one in our possession is dated the 16th February 1391. We read there – “Nos Bona de Borbonic comitissa Sabandial dilecto familiare et hostiaro Nostro Petro de Arpa landarius, lande vero si quae nobis compelunt, …dicto Petro de Arpa remittinus et quitamus de gratia speciali, prefati Petro attentis meretis haec exiquiti bus et majora.”

As at this period family names were not very clearly settled it is quite possible that the original name of Pierre was not de Arpa, but another name that he had changed on arriving at Thonon, after he had become the owner or Arpes. What makes this hypothesis more certain is the fact of his receiving the freedom of Thonon. Which he would have had as a right after a year and a day’s sojourn in the locality, had he not come from some other place, perchance from France with Bonne of Bourbon.

However, M l’ Abbé Piccard, the learned author of the “History of Chablais” wrote me in December 1882, “I have frequently met with De Apres in the old Charters of Chablais of the 13th, 14th and 15th  centuries. He adds: “This family were domiciled upon the hillside which bears as yet some ruins, a few pretty country houses and as well its old name of ‘Des Arpes’. The greater part belongs today to M. Lochon, a retired solicitor.”

On the other hand, Count Amedée de Foras, author of the huge and splendid “Amorial Nobilias de Savoie” has assured me that he has only met our name on one or two occasions, adding that it was several years ago. The researches to be made on the subject would be excessively long, difficult and costly, while the result would probably be nothing. The archives of Chablais are partly in Turin, partly in Annecy, and partly in the hands of private individuals. We have done what we could in the matter but success has not crowned our work.

Second Generation

2.  JEAN


His marriage contract with Isode Blanc, dated the 29th July 1425 has been lost. It was in existence as late as the 7th  March 1744, and was one of the title deeds produced by Louis Philippe Samuel before the Council of Rolle to prove his decent.

Third Generation

3.  MATTHIEN (Matthew)

*1494 † 1516.


4th generation


4 Legere
5 Simone
6 Antoine
7 Catherine
8 Suzanne


Matthien married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown. The second wife was Lucie, widow of Gerard Socteris.

Suzanne married Humbert Georjoz, mintmaster of Lousanne in 1535.

Matthien crossed the lake to settle in Lousanne. Why, and with what end? We are ignorant, but it must be remembered that at this time Lausanne, being and Episcopal town, depending to a certain extent on Savoy, there were frequent movements between them. In 1494 he was appointed a member of the Riere-Consul, by the (literally: standard of the Bridge).

Matthew is found making his will on the 30th of June 1505. He asks to be buried in the cloister graveyard of the cathedral. He desires that four candles, a pound each, be burnt in the church on the day of his funeral, and that ten masses be said for the rest of his soul, two of these high masses and eight low masses, at the altar of the parish church of Saint Croix at Lousanne.

After some pious legacies he leaves as dowries for his daughters – to Legere – 260 florins and to Catherine, wife of … 150 florins. Matthew states that there is owing still to Susanne his daughter or rather to Humbert Giorjoz, her husband, 40 florins, the balance of her dowry. He ends by nominating his son Antoine as sole legatee. He married twice, his second wife being Lucie, widow of Gerard Socteris. He died about 1516.

Legere, daughter of Matthien gave a receipt to her brother Antoine on the 14th June 1523 for her share of her parents’ property, including 200golden florins that Antoine had given her as dowry the same day in the marriage contract she had signed with Leger, her fiancé. This is perhaps the same Lagier (Leger) Gindra de Larpat who received 30 sots for capons bought by the town of Lousanne on the occasion of the banquet given at the “Golden Lion” to the commissioner of Tribourg and Berne , 15th January 1527.

Fourth  Generation



5th generation children:
9 Sebastienne
10 Francois
11 Claude

His marriage contract with Noble Bernadine daughter of Thomas de Montherod. of Iartegnin is dated 23rd  June 1510. The dowry of his betrothed was 400 golden florins. He figures, July 14th, 1523, as a witness ti a concession of Franchesses granted by the baron of Rolle to that town. He was president of the feudal commission of Rolle.

“Antoine de Arpa, lord Chatelain of Mont te vieux of Rolle and the land of Luyns” died between 1528 and 1531.

In his will of the 5th of March 1531, Thomas de Montherod declared his heirs to be his daughters R. Bernadine, widow of N. Antoine de Alpa and Etinette, widow of the honourable Leger Leveril”. Antoine had been consergneur of Sarraux. Grancy and Iantegrin.

Sebastienne (9) Daughter of Matthien: On the 19th January1539 she gave a receipt to her brother Claude for her rights to her parents' goods, including 300 florins money of Lousanne, foir her dowry besides her wedding garments.

She had married Jacques Carrare  of Poliz Pittet.  Having lost her first husband she married in 1537Pierre Vivet, one of the reformers of Romance Switzerland. The latter in is will of the 12th April 1561, "acjnowledges having received for his will beloved wife in marriage, Dame Sebastienne dela Harpe otherwise, Montclou, the sum of 30 florins, which he wishes to be paid and restored from his wealth after his death with her jewels, and the properties of a woman".

Sebastienne went with her husband to the Court of Jeanne de’Albret, queen of Navarre.  After Vivret’s death, she returned to Geneva, where the council of the town decided in view of her poverty that she be granted a room “in sight of the hospital.”

5th  Generation

(11).  CLAUD


6th generation children:


13 Claude
14 Michel (at Geneva)
15 Guillaume (who went “abroad”)
16 Pierre
17 Jean*
18 George **
19 Etienne
20 Nicolarde


** Jean the 6th child of Claude is the ancestor of our branch of the De la Harpe family that eventually came to South Africa.

** George was – a daughter who married Jean Williamoz, a notary and councellor of Lousanne.

By his will of the 15th March 1531 Thomas de Montherod had entrusted his daughter (Wife of Antoine) with the support of Claude during his nimonly. He could not marry without the express consent of Francois de Senardens and Armedee de Gento (Genthod). Claude was placed under the tutorship of N. Antoine Bovard, one of the chief magistrates of Lousanne.

Claude was a notary, married to N. Benoite, Daughter of Guido Rosser of Lousanne. His will dated 9th of February 1595. He died in 1604.

A summary of the first 6 generations of the De la Harpe family tree

(showing the branch leading to our forefathers that eventually came to South Africa)

6th Generation



7th generation children:
21 Urbain
22 André (Killed in action before 1646)
23 Jean Etienne
24 Salomon who was “in the country” in 1646)
25 Etienne  (Killed in the war in France)
26 Jean Baptiste

Jean married Françoise Munier.

Jean was made a burgess of Mont-le-Grand, on the 8th of May 1614, and of Rolle on the 5th of January 1624. He had to pay to the latter township 100 florins, beside a banquet to the town council and a 12 florin hat to each member! He was a lawyer and had large estates at Iartegrin.

By her will of the 11th December 1638 Françoise Munier, Urbain’s mother and the widow of Jean, “Bequeathes for once to the children of the late noble Urbain Delarpe, her eldest son, all part, lot and claims that they might have upon her estate, having regard to the amount which the late Delharpe had already got from her namely his part of her jewels, furniture and linens, up to his proportionate share” – namely some immovable property, 300 florins together with “one of her petticoats (possibly and undershirt of fine workmanship, or brocade) for his daughter.


7th Generation


8th generation children:

39 Barthelemy, baptised 10th July 1636
40 Sarah and Jeanne (41) twins, baptised 16th March 1639
42 Jeanette*, baptised 6th June 1640
43 George Julien
44 Matthieu Henry baptised 14th May 1649
45 Jean Françoise, baptised 28th November 1652
46 Gasparde, baptised 26 January 1660
47 Marie, baptised 20th December 1663
48 Jean Françoise, died unmarried



      Marriages of Jean Baptiste's children:*

                Jeanette married, 23 January 1660 Arthemand Billiard, councillor of Aubonne from 2nd January 1651.
                Jean Françoise  married, 4th March 1680, Buillanie del’Harpe (40) son of Gaspard (27)

                Marie, baptised 20th December 1663, married Samuel Correvon, judge at Yverdon.

Jean-Baptiste settled in Fechy, between Rolle and Aubonne and became a citizen of this place. By her will of 11th  December 1838, his mother Françoise Munier, left to Jean Baptiste “two hangings of bed linen to attempt to make his proper share”

The brothers J. Etienne, Solomon and Etienne divided with him on 7th November 1639 the property received from their mother. His share amounted to twelve fixtures in Rolle and the surrounding country. On May 31st 1645, Jeanne Etienne entrusted to J. Baptiste the care of certain properties that Solomon and Etienne had laid in their care before going abroad. They had not returned and nothing had been heard of them.

On the 9th of January 1658, he was made a freeman of Aubonne “As much by privilege as by the price and sum of 500 florins, beside the Auctionary banquet.” His son in law Anthemand Billiard was a tenant of the Barony of Aubonne. He married Elizabeth Berger on June 12th, 1684 and died in 1679.

8th Generation



9th generation children:
76 Marguerite, baptised 17th March 1678.
77 * Isaac, baptised 27th February 1681.
78 Jean Rodolphe
79 George Jean Louis, baptised 22nd September 1687
80 Francois


* Isaac married Henri of Berne

Matthieu Henry was judiciary and consistorial assessor of Aubonne.
He married: (1) Anne Correvon and  (2) Helene Bickhardt


9th Generation



10th generation children:
122 Isaac Gideon, baptised 25th June 1709, † October 1712.
123 Jacob Baptiste Louis
124 Louise Françoise
125 Jacques Elie


Jean Rodolphe son of Matthien Henry , baptised 2nd September 1685 married Jeanne Louise Rosset (†29th September 1751) on the 23rd April 1707, “Desirous of faring in for lands” he applied to the council of Aubonne for a passport which was promptly granted. He died on the 29th April 1738

10th Generation



11th generation children:
160 Marc Francois Isaac, * 5th October 1799 †19 July 1761
161 Madeleine Elizabeth
162 Jean Charles

Louise, * 19th † 21st March 1760

164 Rodolphe Frederic *1 April †8 July 1761
165 Louis Philipe
166 Marc Gabriel, * 8th January 1765 died young
167 Suzanne Henriette Marguerite, * 7th April 1767 †20/9/1822 at Lousanne.
168 Jacques Elie, * 2nd July † 5th  October 1768.
169 Charlotte Madeleine, baptized 22nd March 1770 † 7/12/ 1822 at Lousanne
170 Henry Louis


Jacques Elie de L’harpe, dela Harpe (son of Jean Rodolphe) baptized 24th April 1721. He married Jacqueline Paton on 22nd July 1754.

He was judiciary of Aubonne from the 26th of April 1768,”judge of the Venerable Consistory of Yens” from the 18th of July in the same year and a member of the Neutral Council Aubonne. He obtained recognition as burgess of Rolle, 31st July 1762 and “ancient bourgeois” of Lousanne on the 10th of September 1781. In this last deed he is called “Freeman of Aubonne, rolle, Moth le Grand, Techy, Tartegrin and Longiroo.” He had to pay 800 francs for this recognition “of 10 batz piece” (1200 francs in our money). He died on the 28th  September1799 at Aubonne, his wife lived till 1808.

11th Generation



12th generation children:
198 Jean Charles - he had one daughter Christina (249)
199 Barend who had several children

Charles William Henry

201 Hester x Jauti

(162) JEAN CHARLES DE LA HARPE, the son of Jacques Elie (from d’Aubonne - Rolle – Mont-le-Grand – Fécht – Tartegnin – Logirod in Switzerland) was baptised on the 17th May 1759.

Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe (*1789 † 1840) was the first De la Harpe to arrive in South Africa.

He entered as a cadet in to the Dutch East India Company (VOC), Meuron Regiment on the 1st June 1781. He was appointed Leutenant on the 1st November 1787, and captain on the 30th December 1788. He resigned on 23rd September 1790 and repaired to the Cape of Good Hope where he served under General Jansen with the rank of Captain. He took part as commandant of a company of burgher horse brigade in the battle that in 1806 delivered the Cape to the British. He returned afterwards from the service and settled in Algoa Bay. He died in 1840.

* I have two sources listing the children of Jean Charles Hayward De la Harpe with contradictory names. The first  as shown in the table above was gained from the booklets in my possession as well as from the family tree and therefore regarded as the more correct version. I will add the hand written document with names as well.

Barend married  Maria Martha Meeding and they had 2 children:

                Maria Martha Albertina

                Johan Fredirik

                Johan Fredirik married (1) Catharina Elizabeth Bergh and (2) Mary-Louise-Emma Haywood Cornwall Cornuel.

                They had more children of whom little is known.


Hand written note: Jean Charles de la Harpe

The Dutch  handwritten page reads as follows:

JEAN CHARLES DE LA HARPE  VAN Rolle in Switzerland, Luitenant in het regiment van Meuron gehuwd 3.9.1786 net CHRISTINA MOSTERT, hertrouwd 29.9.1800 met Anna Catharina, Elizabeth ten Bergen from Bergen op Zoom.

Zy had seven kinderen as volgt:

                        1. Esther Jacoba Eliza (1787) gehuws met Petrus Johannes Taute
                        2. Johannes (1788) gehuwd 20.05.1811 met Anna Catharina Kemper.

Zy hadden twee kinderen:

                                        a. Theodora Hendrina (1812)
                                        b. Christina (1813)
                        3. Carolus Hendrik Wilhelmus (1790) geh. 30.12.1810 met Anna Cornelia Hillegers.

Zy hadden twee kinderen

                                        a. Jean Charles (1812)
                                        b. Franciscus Gerhardus (1814)

                        4. Jacobus Elias (1791)
                        5. Bernardus (1793)
                        6. Anna Catharina (1795)
                        7. Constance (1796)


The De la Harpe generations who first came to the Cape.



De la Harpe Generations 7-11



De la Harpe Generations 12-16

Now we get closer to the family members that I know and whom are more directly related. In the following pages I will add as many faily photos that I have to enhance the genealogy descriptions. Henceforth I will add information about all the De la harpe family members and not only those in our direct ancestry lineage.

12th Generation


† 1825


13th generation children:
251 Jean Charles - direct ancestry lineage
252 Frsanciscus Gerhardus *1814
253 Caroline
254 *Maria Christina
255 **Charles William Henry



Charles William Henry (200) son of Jean Charles (162) at the Cape of Good Hope, married Helligers who was a Dutch woman (who died in March 1882). Charles William Henry (200) died in 1825.

                    (252) Franciscus Gerhardus [* 1814] de la Harpe: married (x) Annie Gibbon

                                                                                                        (xx) Maria Margaretha Kritzinger.

                                                                                                        According to some records he also married for a third time. His children were:

                    (253) Caroline

                    (254) Maria Christina xJohn James Sunter in 1841 and they lived in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.   

                    (255) Chares William Henry died without decendants at age 37.

                            (325)Anna Caroline * 1841 X frank Josaph

                            (326) John Francis (*1843 ) x Alice Ada Southey

                                   (390) Amy Ethel *1868 x Harry Cosser

                                   (391) Ida Francis * 1869 x C.H. Wardop 1900

                                   (392) Elinor Southey x Alfred van Ryneveldt

                                   (393) Henry Southey [*1874]  x Margaret Mc Donald; He died in Graaff Reinet.

                                            F63  Norman Alexander [* 1901] x 1928 Marjorie Lovemore

                                                    F120  Margot Elaine * 1929 x David Blaine

                                                    F 121 Jennifer Louise * 1931 x Ed Thomas D'Arcy Hall

                                                    F 121 Anita Anne *22/8/1938 x Claude Reynolds

                                                    F 121 B Jonathan Henry * about 1945                                 

                                            F64 Esme Ethel

                                            F65 Louise

                                            F66 Henry Southey * 1908  at a young age

                                            F67 Douglas Claude [* 1911 † 1963] x Audrey Southey

                                                    F122 Anthony Edward *1941

                                                    F 123 Julia Guerney

                                                    F 124 Lionel Alexander *1947

                                                    F 125 Diana Louise *1949

                                                    F 126 Douglas Gordon *1952

                                            F67 (bis) Lorraine Marguerite

                                    (394) Sydney Brenton[*31/8/1879 † 1913] x Gertruide Luscombe

                                            F 68 Walter Luscombe *1903 x Maud Pett Grey

                                            F 69 Gerald Sydney *1905 x S Birch emigrated to New Sealand

                                                    F 129 Thornton E Gerald *1937

                                                    F 130 Robin Ruth    *1939 x R. Girdlestone

                                                    F 131 Judith *1947

                                            F 70 John Henry [*1908  † El Alamein 1939] x Floris Anderson

                                                    F 132 Derek Anderson *1940

                                            F 71 Wilfred Bernard * 1910 x M. Adams

                                                    F 133 Peter Richard *1930 x Maureen Blare

                                                                F 148 Derek *1960

                                                                F 139 Pholip *1962

                                                    F 134 Pamela Anne *1939 x Anthony Leppan

                                                    F 135 John Gordon * 1944

                                                    F 136 felicity Jane * 1949

                                            F 72 Marjorie * 1907 x Wilfred Close

                                            F 73 Norah * 1911 



13th Generation


*8 Jan 1812 † 3 May 1857


14th generation  children:
317 Charles William Henry
318 Marthinus Potgieter *10/10/1842 † 1910
319 Johann Bestendig
320 Hester Catharina
321 Anna Hilligers
322 Heloïse Maria
323 Charlotte Henriette
324 Peter Edwin



Jean Charles (251) was born on the 8th January 1812 at the Cape of Good Hope. He married Catherine Ignasina Wilhelmina Ptgieter on the 26th  May 1840, and died 3rdMay 1857.


        318 Marthinus Potgieter [*10/10/1842 † 1910] x on 20 October 1874 Mary Anne Eager

                385 Jean Charles [13/10/1875] x Cecilia de Jager

                        F29 Isabella Johanna * 1912

                        F30 Mary-Anne *1913 x Jacobus Kok  xx Hendrik Fourie

                        F31 Cecilia Johanna*1916 xJean Kichenbrand xxCoetzee

                        F32 Maria Alice * 1918

                386 Maria Alicia Harding *19/7/1878

                387 Hamilton Ross *13/12/1879

                388 William Walter * 29/11/1881 x Evelyn-Bailey Bennett

                        F33 Mary Maud

                        F34 Martin

                388A Catharina Wilhelmina *1883 x Charles Chase

                388B Blanche Emily *1885 x Du Pré Crongier

                388C Hester Anna Heloise *1887 x Cornelius Gould

                389D Ethel

                388E Amédée Francis *1889 x Susanna Magdalene Rautenbach

                        F35 Mary Anna *1920 x Christian  O. Hecker xx Frederick Schluter

                        F 36 Marthinus Potgieter *1922 x Catharina Maria Lamb

                                F89 Jean * 1942

                                F90 André *1954

                                F 91 Anita *1858

        319 Johann Bestendig [*3/8/1844 † 7/3/1930] x 29 May 1873 Petronella Gertruida Meyer

                F1 Percival [*1874  † 1947] x Lily Johanna van Reenen

                        F37 Yvonne * 1904 x Petrus Ch. Vercueil

                        F38 Elodie* 1907 x Christoffel Wiid

                        F39 Johan Bestendig*1911 † 1932 without decendants

                        F40 Jan van Reenen  * 1915 x Lorraine Serfontein

                                F92 Sandra*1948

                                F93 Gillian * 1951

                                F94 Karen * 1956

                                F 95 Susan Louise *1959

               F2 Maude Evelyn *1875 x Dan J. De Villiers

               F3 John Charles Bestendig [* 1879 † 1958] x Annette Schimper xx Nellie Belingham

                        F41 Frances Edna *1904 x Donald Slatem

                        F42 Johan Bestendig* 1906 x Muriel Williams

                                F96 Michael † young

                                F97 David †

                        F43 Francis Schimper *1907 x Victoria Henderson

                                F98 Annette

                        F44 Petronella Gertruida *1922 x Christ. Meyers

                F4 Edwin Meyer  [*1879 † 1961] x Johanna Marguerite Moolman xx Ellic Spiller Née Fick

                        F45    Vareena*1911 x Izak De Villiers

                        F45A Petronella Gertruida *1915 x Goen Bezuidenhout

                        F45B Lorraine * 1917x Dirk Hertzog

                        F45C Edwina Marguerite*1924 x Ross Mc Gregor

                        F45D Moolman Meyer [*1927 † 1966] x Catharina Jozufilia Olivier le Roux

                                F99 Joanita Moolman*1953

                                F100 Edwin Meyer*1955

                                F101 Stephan Petrus le Roux*1957

                                F102 Jozua Scholts *1958

                 F5 William Henry [*1881 † 1956] x Susanna Elizabeth Malan.

                        F46 Madeleine † young

                        F47 Léon † young

                        F 48 Pierre *1914 x Irene Krayenbroeck

                                F103 Etienne *1951

                        F 49 Jacqueline *1923 x Wessel Gildenhuys xx Gerrit Coetsee

                        F 50 William Henry *1921 xMargaretha Theron

                                F104 Retha *1954

                                F105 Susan *1956

        324 Peter Edwin [*1855 †1927]  x Maria Susanna Martha Muller

                389 Jean Charles* 1883 died without decendants

                F11 Adelaide Augusta x Harold Shaw

                F12 Thomas Anthony Died without descendants

                F13 Edmond Louis died without descendants

                F14 Victor Claude *1890 x Agnes de Haas

                        F55 Jules André* 7/3/1919

                        F56 Ann Valerie Joy *16/9/1924   

                        F57 Hubert Charles *6/1/1930

                F15 Charlotte May x Col. C.W. Bolton

                F16 Eric Seymour Ernest *20/3 1897 x Doris Ballance

                        F58 Roland Eric †22/1/1935 x Wendy Boyle

                                F112 Eric Richmond *18/7/1963

                                F113 Kevin Roland *16/3/1965

                                F113bis Nicolas Claire *14/4/1968

                        F59 Brian Cecil *8/10/1939 x Irene Siegfried

                                F114 Anthony Peter *13/11/1965

                                F114A Richard Andrew *21/8/1968      

                F 17 Clement Henry*16/6/1899 x Irene Thompson

                        F60 June *1928

                        F61 Peter Lawton x Tessa Corder

                                F115 Martine

                                F116 Jean

                        F62 Newton Ogilvie x Helen Radlof

                                F117 David Henry *12/8/1957

                                F118 Andrew Peter * 2/3/1960

                                F119 Susan Mary * 19/1/1965


14th Generation


*17 March1841 † 1895


15th generation  children:

379 Jean Charles Hayward (My maternal grandfather)
380 Dinah *8/6/1874  †5/7/1881
381 George. N . John
382 Charles William Henry
384 Catherina Wilhelmina *12/6/1882 (Kittie?)
384A Edmond x Susanna Terblance - one daughter Maria Christiuna Johanna - no son
384B Anna Elizabeth Bellingan




        381 George Nathaniel John [*1876 † 1946] x Isabella Terblanche

                F25  Maria Danielina

                F26 Charles William Henry * 1910 x Stephanie Delport   

                        F58 Philhelene *1941 x Gerhard Engel

                        F59 George Nathaniël * 1943

                        F87 Isadena *1947 x Chris Pienaar

                        F88 Charles Philip

Note: I remember visiting Charles William Henry de la Harpe (F26) in the Caledon district where he was a farmer and meeting his family. His sons both studied medicine at Stellenbosch University and to the best of my knowledge practiced at Caledon and also retained the family farm. His sister Danielina lived in Caledon and never married.


        382 Charles William Henry [* 21 Feb 1878 †1963] x 1912 Magrieta Johanna Du Toit. (They lived in Jeffreys Bay)

                F27 Ivan Hayward *28/9/1914 x 1945 Johanna Scheepers

                        F89 Charl Jacques *5/8/1949

                        F90 Marguerite *4/12/1950

                F28 Elizabeth Etta * 4/7/1920

384 B Anna Elizabeth Bellingan: A photo of Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe (379) and his sister Anna Bellingan taken on the farm Kranzkop in the district of Steytlerville when my grandfather visited them. On the stoep in the background is Anna's husband George Bellingan. According to grandpa's note on the back of the photo it was taken on 28 December 1951.


         Anna Elizabeth Bellingan, (384 B), JCH de la Harpe (379) and George Bellingan



15th Generation



*28 May1872  3 Feb 1963

16th generation  children:


F18 Charles William Henry (Charlie)
F19 Johannes Admiraal (Hansie)

Dinah Johanna Susanna (Dinah)


Jean Charles Hayward (Jean)

F22) (Edmond (Eddie)
F23 Anna Catharina  (Katie)
F24 Alice Flora  (Alice)



        379 Jean Charles Hayward De la Harpe [*28 May 1872 † 4/2/1963] x Alice Flora Admiral


 According to notes obtained from my mother Alice Flora de La Harpe F25) Jean Charles Hayward and Alice Flora Admiral had more than the five children listed above. Babies who died soon after birth are mentioned in the following note.



Note by Alice Flora de la Harpe  (F24)


Additional notes about the children of:

Jean Charles Hayward (379) x Alice Flora Admiral * 22 April 1866 † 19 August 1908:


        F18    Charles William Henry * March 26 1895 † 15 Dec 1965

        F19    Johannes Admiraal [* 2 March 1896 † 20 September 1967] x Susanna Catharina Weideman [* 20 Oktober 1892]

        --        Baby born 6 April 1897 †29 April 1897

        --        Baby born 22 February 1898 † 6 march 1898

        --        Marianne Christienne *19 Jan 1899

        --        Jean Charles Hayward * 1 Jan 1900 † 28 Jan 1900

       F20     Dinah Johanna Susare * 27 April 1901

       F21     Jean Charles Hayward * 28 Nov 1902

        --        Babies Robert and George Nathaniel born between 1902 and 1906?

        F22    Edmond * 19 June 1907 † 5 October 1973


Children from the second marriage of Jean Charles Hayward (379) with Hendrika Lodewika Jacoba Momberg (* 24 August † 3 February 1955):

        F23    Anna Catharina * 11 February 1910 (Katie)

        F24    Alice Flora * 19 August 1911 † 15 March 2005)



Grandpa's photos

Photo albums of  Jean Charles Hayward De la Harpe (379) and his descendants        


Johnnie de La Harpe (379) and his wife Hennie de la Harpe (née Momberg)

Left - their wedding photo and  on the right a photo taken at their home in Theunissen.


Two paintings by Alice Flora Admiral first wife of JCH De la Harpe (379)



Johnnie De la Harpe (379) and Hennie at the farm Kareeboomvlei in the Theunissen district, RSA



Newspaper photo and clippings of Grandpa's 90th birthday on

the farm Werda, Theunissen, where he stayed at the time with his Daughter Alice Cronjé




Jean Charles Hayward De la Harpe, better known as Johnnie de la Harpe, was born in the Eastern Cape and lived there (farming in the Steytlerville Graaff Reinett - Aberdeen areas). His father also had a farm by the name of Chelmsford. As far as my knowledge goes all his children were born inAberdeen. His occupation was also to go around on the farms to repair wind mills.


Johnnie's first wife - Alice Flora Admiral was a governess in the Eastern Cape. She was a literate lady that lived in the Far East (Ceylon) for a number of years and according to family legend could speak no less than 7 languages (some Far Eastern dialects amongst them).

His second wife Hendrika Lodewika Jacoba Momberg (Hennie) was a tailor high of standing and she also had some apprentices. Hennie was mother to his young children until her death in 1955. In Theunissen she continued with her work as a tailor and also made eiderdowns and other fine linen items.

Left: Spandauskop as seen from the Valley of Desolation - Graaff Reinet



In 1919 he moved from the Easter Cape to the Orange Free State and lived in Theunissen till his death in 1963. After his wife Hennie's demise he lived with his daughter Alice in the Theunissen district on the farm "Werda." He continued with his work repairing wind mills for farmers and travelled far and wide in the district and elsewhere. He also kept a lively interest in family matters end had contact with many of them right till his death. He wrote an average of 7 letters per week to people all over the country and even abroad and stayed on top of the news by reading the local papers even before the time of radio broadcasts. He loved travelling and often visited family members. He died at the age of 92 while visiting a grandson, Gawie du Plessis in Potchefstroom. He was remarkably healthy for his age.



The house at 4 Piet Retief  St., Theunissen (previously Vierdestraat)

in 1948, 2005 and beyond the dilapidated neighbour's house in 2009 respectively..

A sad place to visit nowadays but the memories of better days and a happy childhood remain unbelievably fresh



De la Harpe Family at Alice and Piet Cronjé's marriage 6 December 1942

The next photo is an extract of this one to show the relationships between the various family members

Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe and his children

on the day of Hennie de la Harpe's funeral February 1955.

From left to right:

Edmond, Jean, Johannes and Charlie dela Harpe; Dinah Roux,

Johnny de la Harpe, Katie du Plessis and Alice Cronjé



Uncle Charlie and family 

Decendants and notes/photos of:    

Charles William Henry de la Harpe

(F18) * March 26 1895 † 15 Dec 1965



Charlie de la Harpe, eldest son of Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe and Alice Flora Admiral was a farmer in the Standerton district, Transvaal ( now Mpumalanga) RSA. His farm was named "Topfontein".


He Married  Cornelia Petronella Geyser in 1926. She was a midwife and worked in the Standerton and surrounding areas for many years.




Charlie and Killie de la harpe's wedding




Killie de la Harpe with her crochet work that she did

to get through the long nights' waiting working as a midwife.


My uncle Charlie and Killie had four children with the following lineage:




Charles William Henry de la Harpe


(F18) * March 26 1895

† 15 Dec 1965

Cornelia Petronella Geyser

*15 May ?



Jean Charles Hayward *17/4/1930 x Jeanette Johanna Mills in 1931: Their children were:

            F137 Charles William Henry *1953

            F138 Helene Antoinette *1957

            F139 Gerhardt  Peter *1959


Johanna Susanna (Tossie) *17/3/1932  x Christiaan Berning Luyt on 30 June 1956.

Tossie obtained her ? degree in March 1953.

Tossie and Bernie lived in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

Photos of Tossie and her husband Bernie obtained from Grandpa's documents with inscription as on the back of the photos.

F76 Alice Flora Admiraal  *18/3/1936 x Theo Marthinus Steyn

To the best of my knowledge they lived in Morgenzon, Mpumalanga


F 77 Johannes Jacobus *1938 x Maria Charlotte Rosslee - no descendants.






Uncle Charlie was best man at my parents'wedding.

Above left shows them after the wedding with grandfather Johnny

Above right: Our visit to Uncle Charlie - Philip Hester and I with Uncle Charlie


Note: I remember this visit to uncle Charlie vividly. Upon our arrival their big black dog bit me on the hand when I tried to stroke his head. Much to my displeasure aunt Killie had to treat the wound every day. Another highlight was the Christmas celebrations on the farm. uncle Charlie's daughter played Santa that year and came through the creek with the buggy loaded with gifts. At that tender age I still believed in Santa. I must have been about 5 years old at the time.


Uncle Hansie's family

Decendants and notes/photos of: 


Johannes Admiraal de la Harpe


Johannes Admiraal de la Harpe

F19    Johannes Admiraal de la Harpe

* 2 March 1896

† 20 September 1967

 x Susanna Catharina Weideman * 20 Oktober 1892

Hansie & Susan wedding photo


Jean Hayward

* 8/12/1921  †?

x Elsie Johanna Jacoba Pretorius (Elsa)


F140 Antoinette Louise*1955

           x Theo Potgieter

F141 Jean Hayward *1958 †   


Wedding of Hayward and Elsa

Theo & Antoinette Potgieter

F79 Anna Elmira *1924 † young

Alice Flora *13/5/1926

x Johannes Adriaan Pienaar

xx Nicolaas Pienaar

Alice and Nicolaas Pienaar


Susanna Catherine *20/5/1928

x Louis Jacobus Faurie van der Walt


   Susan *25/10/1958




Susie & Louis van der Walt


Pieter Andries Christiaan

* 1931 † 2006

x Aletta Catharina Scholtz (Renie)


F142 Emmareantia Cornelia *1956

F143 Johannes Marthinus *1957 † 2008 no male decendants

F144 Suzette *1959




Hansie & Susan with Baby Hayward

*Hansie with family members

Family members in this photo are:

Grandma Hennie's niece Witkop and her small daughter with her mother Hannie  next to her

and Grandpa Johnnie's sister Kittie and  his son Johannes on the right

Johannes Admiraal de la Harpe lived near the train station of Welgeleë in the Free state on the farm Spoordraai.

The male descendants of Johannes, Hayward and Pieter is both deceased. Hayward has only one daughter, Antoinette who qualified as a medical doctor. She married Theo Potgieter and they have two daughters. Pieter had one son Johan who died in 2008 with no male descendants therefore this branch of the family tree will not continue.

Alice and Jan Pienaar also lived and farmed near Welgeleë. Alice Pienaar married Jan's brother Niklaas later on and after his death she moved to Winburg where she still lives.

Family attending Susan's 70th birthday

Back Piet& Alice Cronjé, Katie Bekker, Lettie de la Harpe, Anthonie Bekker

Dinal Roux, Killie de la Harpe , Susan de la Harpe

Front: Jean Charlie and Hansie delaHarpe


Auntie Dinah's family


Decendants and notes/photos of: 

Dinah Johanna Susanna de la harpe


Dinah Johanna Susanna Roux


(née de la Harpe)

*27 April 1901



Dinah & Niklaas Roux's children

Alice Roux *9/1/1923 x Swartz -they have one son Izak

Martha Roux who married Oberholtzer

Uncle Jean's family

Decendants and notes/photos of: 

Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe (F21)

Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe (F21)


* 28 November 1902

x Aletta Elizabeth van Vuuren

*28 November

F83 Elizabeth Gertruida Magdalena (Magda)

x Marais -

no descendants

Uncle Jean lived in Crosby, Johannesburg and worked for the SA Railways. After his retirement he lived in Balfour. Jean and his wife Lettie had only one daughter. They visited the family in Theunissen at least once per year using their railway free pass. Lettie's sister Koot van Vuuren also lived in Theunissen. Magda lives in Port Elizabeth. Below is  Photo of me, my brohter Philip and Magda as young children with grandpa Johnnie


Uncle Eddie's family

Decendants and notes/photos of: 

Edmond de la Harpe

Edmond de la Harpe (F22)


* 19 June 1907

x Margaret Susan van Duyker

*2 May



 no descendants

Eddie with police dog

Maggie, grandpa Johnnie and Alice during a family visit

Notes: Uncle Eddie lived in Heidelberg Transvaal (now Mpumalanga) and was in the  force working inter alia as a dog trainer. His wife Maggie was a teacher and Son Edmond also retired as a teacher at the same school where his mother taught for many years. Edmond still lives in Heidelberg.

Jean Charles Hayward de la Harpe's second marriage was to Hendrika Lodewika Jacoba Momberg. She was born on 24 August 1874 († 3/2/1955). They had two daughters Katie and Alice.

Aunt Katie's family

Decendants and notes/photos of: 

Anna Catharina Bekker (Née de la Harpe)

Anna Catharina Bekker

(Née de la Harpe)

* 11 Feb 1910

x Gawie du Plessis

xx Anthonie Bekker


Children of Gawie & Katie du Plessis

Hennie Lodewia du Plessis

* 3 Oktober 1931

x Heinrich du Plessis

Children: Christo  & Arilia 

Heinrich & Hennie du Plessis

Gabriel du Plessis

* 16/11/1934

 Isabella ?? (Issie)

Gawie & Issie du Plessis

Ria du Plessis

x Nick van Rensburg

Ria en Nick van Rensburg

Anna (Cathy) Du Plessis

Note: Katie, second youngest daughter of Johnny de la Harpe married twice - First to Gawie du Plessis by whom she had four children and after his demise she married Anthonie Bekker. Her eldest daughter, Hennie, born during the depression, was raised by her younger sister Alice until the child was six years old and had to go to school. Hennie studied medicine at the University  of Pretoria. She married Heinrich du Plessis who was in teh Diplomatic Service and they served in New York and Salisbury. Hennie also furthered her studies in England to qualify as an anaesthetist  and practiced as such till her retirement whilst living in Port Elizabeth.

Katie's son Gawie was a teacher until his retirement. He lives in Potchefstroom.

More photos...

At the time of Christo's birth my mother Alice was promptly summoned by Hennie to come to her in Salisbury

 - at the time still Rhodesia - to support her at the time. An air ticket was provided for the travel

and it was mother's first plane ride as well. I can still remember the excitement surrounding this event.

Left: Alice Cronjé with her sister Katie's children on her 80th birthday in August 1991

Middle : With Gawie du Plessis on her 92nd birthday in Pretoria in 2003

Right With Hennie du Plessis also on her 92nd birthday in 2003



F23 Anna Catharina  (Katie)
F24 Alice Flora  (Alice)